Sweet pups, your humans have had way too much experience the past couple months laughing through tears. Laughter always wins, though, because there's always one more story of that one darn thing you did that cracked us up, comforted us, protected us, hatched a joy bubble in our hearts. You are the best pack EVER, and much as we hate to lose you for a while, we're glad you're reunited, joyful and young again. About that rainbow bridge thing: if there's bacon in heaven(and there MUST be bacon in heaven!) - forget the foolish bridge stuff the humans put out, get over and get the bacon! And bask in the love and light and joy. You'll find us when we need you, you always have.
Isabelle. Sebastian. Buster. Best pack EVER. Your human pack loves you always and remembers you always. Thank you for the richness and joy you brought to our lives. We hope we save a few more beautiful souls, and humans in need of joy, with this tribute site. Love you always, remember you always. Monica, Scott, & Lissa.

This candle will
burn until
1/12/2025 9:10:58 PM.

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Isabelle, Sebastian, & Buster
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