A Letter From Mike Arms

Mike ArmsDear Friend,

Let me begin by saying how sorry I am for your loss.  I know from my own experiences how painful this time can be and what a big hole you must be feeling in your life and your family right now.  Losing your best friend is never easy and for most of us here at Helen Woodward Animal Center this difficult time is all too familiar. 

Please know that we are with you in spirit and really do understand what you are going through, which is why we created “I Remember You.”  This unique on-line program provides animal lovers like you with the opportunity to light a candle in honor of your beloved pet and celebrate the time you shared together.  Not only does this special program allow you to choose the amount of time you would like the memorial candle lit for your pet, but it allows you to enter their name so that you can go back and visit.

Perhaps many of you are already thinking about family members or loved ones who have also lost a pet and how you struggled to find a way to help them through that painful time.  Now you have a way to show them you care and celebrate the life of their beloved pet at the same time.  An email will notify them of your gift in their pet’s honor so they can look for it on-line immediately and they will also receive the heart-warming “I Remember You” keepsake poem on a commemorative card at the home address that you provide so they never forget your thoughtful gesture.

A gift of as little as a $10 will light a dedicated candle for your “best friend(s),” while supporting vital programs here at Helen Woodward Animal Center for animals and people in need.  Please take a moment today to remember those pets that have filled your heart with love and changed your life in so many wonderful ways.  We know they have left their paw prints forever on your heart and today you can show the world how much you care.

Yours for the animals,

Mik Arms Signature

Michael M. Arms

President/CEO, Helen Woodward Animal Center